Business IT Support

Business within the Northland area is growing. With further infrastructure being put in place including high speed fibre internet, this is only set to increase.

The team at Northland Technology have worked from small to large scale enterprise environments supplying technology solutions across all industries including trades, professional services, tourism and supply chains.

We are the IT department for your business, covering all aspects of business technology needs including, but not limited to;

  • Business IT and Computer Sales & Support
  • Cloud Technologies including Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) and Microsoft Office O365
  • Fibre internet and VOIP (pabx/pbx) phone systems
  • WiFi & Data Networks
  • Domain Names, Emails, Websites and Digital Marketing
  • Network and Computer Security - Firewalls and AntiVirus
  • CCTV and Alarm Systems
  • Google Ad Campaigns

We offer Managed Services Agreements to our clients to ensure attention to detail and timely response times. If you need better IT support, send us a message.

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WiFi & Wireless Networks

As qualified Ubiquiti Networks and MikroTik installers, we install and maintain wireless & wifi networks all over the Far North region.

This includes managed wifi hotspots and wireless networks for motels, hotels, holiday parks, restaurants, farms, businesses and the like.

WiFi is a science. Any Joe Bloggs can plug in a booster,  but in a professional environment this will likely cause more issues and not solve the need for high speed, secure connectivity.

Channel Width, Channel Spacing, Frequency, RSSI, Signal to Noise ratio, Antenna azimuth, Mesh vs PTP are all considerations that need to be made when deploying wireless technology.

We have the expertise and capability to get the internet to you anywhere in Northland.

Need WiFi? Call us now.

WiFi & Wireless Networks

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Website Development

Experienced Web Design and Email services including Domain Names, SEO, Google Ads, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Cloud Backup and Collaborations and more

Our team has over 15 years in the industry working with everything from small business to Government and multinational corporations.

We also administer Google Workspace and can assist you with migration to this cloud-based online office suite. Google Workspace alongside a well developed website provides you all the tools you need to succeed in business in the online age.

Website Development

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Phone and Internet

NorthTel is Northland's own Fibre Internet, VOIP & Wireless Internet company.

Offering VOIP solutions and high speed fibre internet connections to businesses and homes across Northland.

Northland Technology created NorthTel in 2019 due to our frustration of having to interact with our clients' previous phone and internet providers who had unknowledgable staff in offshore call centres that took hours to answer the phone.

To solve this issue, NorthTel was born.

NorthTel operates a highly reliable, secure network across Northland.

We're local - our call centre is based here in Northland.

With capabilities to assist beyond just the internet connection itself, we can help resolve any technical matters related to internet connectivity within your business.

Supporting local means local support.


Join NorthTel Now

Phone and Internet

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CCTV and Security Alarm Systems

Experienced installers of CCTV and Alarm Systems providing security and safety in Northland. The integrated security system can be installed at your business, residence or rural property.

CCTV is an essential aspect of modern security, if you are wanting to ever rely on your CCTV installation, it is important corners are not cut and fit for purpose technology is installed.

We are not advocates for using the cheapest system available. We use tried, true and tested systems that perform when needed the most.

Hikvision and Dahua are our brands of choice. Depending on your requirements, we will help select the best CCTV system for your project.

Our range of products include Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras (ANPR), NightVision, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras and more.

For CCTV installation in Northland call us now.

Security Alarm Systems

We offer installation, maintenance, upgrades and monitoring for Security systems in Northland.

Alarm Monitoring services start at $30+GST per month.

Whether you need a new alarm system, upgrades to your existing system or ongoing maintenance to your security alarm, get in touch with us today.

CCTV and Security Alarm Systems

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Starlink Installation

Northland Technology is a local IT company that specializes in Network Technology. We can help with all your Starlink Satellite needs, from roof installation to expanding your Starlink WiFi so that it covers your entire property. We are experienced in Installing Starlink Satellite Systems and Expanding Starlink Wifi coverage in Northland. Using Starlink, we can offer complex networking installations for properties in remote areas and hard to reach places. And can also provide VOIP phone solutions for Starlink if required.

Your Starlink Satellite System will be a success with the help of our Starlink Installers. Northland residents and businesses across Northland, including Kerikeri, Kaikohe, Doubtless Bay, Mangonui, Kaitaia and Whangarei, have benefited from our Starlink services.

Installing and mounting the satellite dish by professional network technicians will give you the best Starlink Experience. We're committed to providing quality installations at reasonable rates and can provide a full installation from $640 inc. GST, excluding travel expenses.

Important to note is that the internet connection is a service between you and Starlink. They do not have any official partners in New Zealand and we do not receive a commission for promoting or installing Starlink.

If you have any questions or if you want us to install your Starlink - get in touch today.

Starlink Installation

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Google Workspace


Google Workspace is a powerful set of office products that allow you to run your business in the office, at home or on the go.

We've helped tons of customers implement Google Workspace in their business and in mid 2022 achieved partnership status.

Whether you're a small business wanting to optimise your operation or a large enterprise looking for state of the art security, collaboration and integration - Google Workspace is a market leader globally in business collaboration and communication tools.

Call us today to chat about how you can make the most of your business with Google Workspace and Northland Technology.


Google Workspace

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Starlink Installation & VOIP

Does Starlink work with VoIP?

We provide VOIP connections for Starlink anywhere in the country.

VoIP and Starlink are two of the most popular and innovative communication technologies available today in the rural setting. The popularity of Starlink is rapidly growing across Northland. The NorthTel team has assisted with many installations and offers VOIP services for Starlink customers.

By using VOIP, you are no longer required to walk around for reception or be at the office for business calls. A reliable internet connection is all you need to make high quality voice calls. VOIP provides a complete business phone system (also ideal for remote workers) that uses Starlink to provide phone lines. You can also answer business calls while on the road as long as you have the VOIP app installed on your device.

Starlink is adequate for HD Voice Quality VoIP calls with NorthTel VOIP PBX Systems.

Upon launching your Starlink network, we can measure, identify, and improve your WiFi signal strength. NorthTel offers professional Starlink installations starting at $640 plus GST. Our VOIP PBX is only $99 a month and we are the only VOIP provider in the Far North.

Our powerful PBX Service is designed to increase your productivity. The system allows you to set up new lines and call flows for your employees. Other features include call recordings, queueing, forwarding and IVR (Initial Voice Response).

We offer high-quality VoIP phones, handsets and headphones for retail prices.

Reach out now to discuss your VOIP and Starlink needs with us.

Starlink Installation & VOIP

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IT Support in Kaitaia and Doubtless Bay

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our highly skilled IT support technician who will be dedicated to serving the vibrant communities of Kaitaia and Doubtless Bay. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, having access to reliable and expert IT support is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Our new technician brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to address a comprehensive range of IT needs, making your digital world more secure, efficient, and accessible.

Our IT support technician is well-equipped to handle a diverse array of topics, ensuring that you have the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted expert by your side:

- Internet Connectivity: In today's interconnected world, a stable and high-speed internet connection is fundamental. Our technician can troubleshoot connection issues, optimize performance, and provide guidance on selecting the right internet service provider.

- VOIP Services: Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is increasingly becoming the communication solution of choice. Our technician can assist in setting up and maintaining VOIP systems, ensuring crystal-clear voice communication for your business.

- WiFi Networks: A reliable and secure WiFi network is a necessity, whether at home or in the workplace. Our technician can help you set up, optimize, and secure your WiFi network to keep you connected without interruptions.

- CCTV Systems: Security is paramount, and our technician is well-versed in setting up and configuring Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems. Protect your property and assets with the latest in surveillance technology.

- Google Services: Google is an integral part of our digital lives, from Gmail to Google Drive. Our technician can help you make the most of Google services, offering guidance on email setup, document management, and more.

With our new IT support technician, you can count on prompt and effective assistance in tackling IT challenges, no matter how big or small. Whether it's resolving technical issues, enhancing cybersecurity, or optimizing your digital infrastructure, we're here to ensure your digital world runs smoothly. Welcome to a new era of IT support in Kaitaia and Doubtless Bay, where your technological needs are in expert hands.

IT Support in Kaitaia and Doubtless Bay

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