We’re here to nurture the development and growth of Northland, by offering a vast array of expertise in all things IT.

Our collective past experience includes nearly all areas of IT; including high-end corporate businesses, multinationals and government agencies. We’ve also been working alongside the little guys too!

We began our journey in July 2016. Since, we’ve gained a positive reputation for being the go to place when technical expertise is required.

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Josh Kosmala

A multi-talented technologist with 15 years experience in the computer, electrical, publishing and web design industry. Web wise, he has worked with the likes of Vodafone, Westpac, www.govt.nz, Ministry of Education, The Body Shop, Auckland Council and NZ Post.

Josh grew up at the offices of Tearaway Magazine and was constantly immersed in the birth of the modern computer age.

He first moved to Russell in 2012 where he lived aboard while not contracting in the big smoke.

He formed Northland Technology in the Bay of Islands in 2015 to meet the growing need for IT expertise in the region.

Namida Verasche

Nami is a bright and knowledgeable computer technician. Sometimes he outsmarts the boss - but that’s cool. We’re all about growth and learning here at Northland Technology.

After shifting north from Auckland in 2015, he has spent his time developing an open source version of the popular 1990’s computer game, Lemmings. He recently volunteered at The Parrot Place in Kerikeri.